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I look forward to speaking with you personally and learning more about your bulk handling and belt conveyor needs. The staff, service and knowledge that make CETC different than any other supplier is ready to help you solve whatever material handling or transfer challenges you may currently face. In this evolving industry and ever changing economy, you need quality solutions that are designed from the ground up to increase your productivity while reducing costs.

The success at CETC is based on finding efficient and economical solutions for our customers. As I look at the growth that we have experienced since our inception, I am extremely proud of what we have achieved. We have successfully transitioned from a local start-up to become a respected firm, winning bids of all sizes, while also earning our client’s trust and repeat business along the way. Customer satisfaction is our benchmark for success and our customers choose CETC because of our attention to the uniqueness of each project and each client.

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Alan Buckley