Material Handling Systems

CETC provides “front-end” feasibility studies through to complete project design and management to complete field erected systems managed by our company and manned by our own field erection crew. We provide complete controls and automation for these systems and a complete “turnkey” system for your bulk material handling needs.


Recycling/C&D Systems

CETC provides material handling conveyor systems to equipment providers in this industry:

  • Inclined Conveyors to Picking Table Lines
  • Provide Picking Line Conveyors and Sorting Bins
  • Provide Picking Line Support Structures
  • Both “Fines” and Heavies” Transfer Conveyors
  • Magnet Towers and Discard Chutes
  • Reclaiming Conveyor Systems
  • Truck Receiving/Load Out Conveyor Systems
  • Complete Automation and Control Systems
  • “Turnkey” Installations

We “Support” Recycling System Providers!


CETC stands strong in the steel industry and has established itself as a leading supplier of:

  • Alloy Handling Systems
  • Flux Handling Systems (for lime, dolomite, and carbon) either to the scrap bucket or directly to the EAF, LMF, or Vacuum Tank Degasser
  • DRI, HBI, and Iron Nugget systems to the furnace
  • Complete Engineering Design
  • Quality Manufactured Equipment
  • Installation Services

Major companies like Nucor, ArcelorMittal, A. Finkl and Sons, and Gerdau have used our services to design, supply, and install these systems for their mills.


CETC provides complete material handling systems for the clay and ceramic proppants industry: 

  • Raw Silo Receiving (via truck or rail)
  • Transport to Day Silos/Bins (either pneumatic or mechanical conveying)
  • Minors Addition Systems
  • Transport to Mixers
  • Transfer Wet Proppants to Fluid Bed Drying/Screening
  • Transfer System to Kiln/Cooler
  • Calcining Operation
  • Regrind System
  • Proppant Polishing and Transfer to Product Screening
  • From Product Screening to Bagging in Super Sacks or Transfer to Product Silos for Loading to either Truck or Rail/or both using Scale Equipment
  • Dust Control for all Systems Transfer
  • Complete Automation and Control Systems
  • “Turnkey” Installations

Building Proppant Plants for the Future…Today!