Nucor Jewett - Micro Alloy System to LMF's

Nucor wanted a system to automatically feed and weigh "micro" alloys to twin LMF's. CETC provided the detailed engineering design, controls and automation, fabrication and assembly for a "micro" alloy system that could be installed during a 5-day outage. The project was completed on time during COVID and is now running without any interruptions. The client has provided feedback that they are extremely happy with the system.

Alliant Energy Ottumwa, IA Generating Stations - Demolition of Refined Coal System

Five (5) years previous CETC provided the design and supply for the original refined coal system. The system was to only operate for 2 years such that the Utility could capture tax credits from the IRS. CETC was commissioned to completely demo the system and return it to its original condition. This work was done over a six (6) week period and was done for 15% less than budget.

EVRAZ NA (Pueblo, CO) - Alloy System to EAF

CETC provided a rail/truck unloading system to handle alloys and transfer to storage bins inside an existing Metl Shiop. From the storage bin complex "pre-weighed" allows were transferred through a series of belt conveyors to a retracting chute to the ladle at tap. This "turnkey" project took 18 months from design to startup and commissioning (2023). The system is now running and has increased the number of heats in the furnace by at least 15%. The operating team is happy with the system and use it 24/7.

EVRAZ - Lime Unloading & Transfer to Silos

CETC provided the installation of a system to unload rail cars (two at a time) into storage silos. From here the lime was weighed into vessels and pneumatically transferred to the EAF. Part of the system interfaced with the alloy system provided by CETC to transfer lime not only to the burners, but to the ladle at tap. The system is currently operational as of October 2023.

Nucor Utah - Micro Alloy System

CETC was asked to design and supply a Micro Alloy System to accurately weigh Niobium and Valium into the existing EAF feed system. This system also included a Spar material bin that screw discharge feeder would meter material into the alloying stream. All three bins were filled by an overhead crane and super sacks and tied into the existing Alloy System. This system replaced an existing conveyor system being used by the mill.

Nucor Utah - Rotating Bin Arms

CETC proved a unique solution to provide alloys at tap with a rotating batch bin arm. This bin is loaded with alloys and flux materials at station A and rotates to station B to get loaded with carbon and finally dump the complete batch in the ladle at station C. As well as rotation the arm can extend 4 feet to achieve the multiple point load required. This unit was designed to function with current EAF as well as for a new EAF in the future. This machine is powered hydraulically from existing plant's pumps and controlled by the plant's current PLC.

Nucor Utah - LS Improvements

CETC provided new equipment to handle temperature. sampling, ladle stir holder, and oxygen lance at the Ladle Stir Station. Due to limited ceiling height the temperature and sample takers used a two-stage mechanical system to fit in the low ceiling height. All functions are electrically controlled, and all motors were supplied with brakes.

Nucor WV - Pivot Chutes

CETC provided two pivot chutes to feed DRI material into the new EAFs. These chutes will be rotating on oversized slew bearings and powered by hydraulic motors with encoded feedback. Chutes will be lined with ceramic with a sectional design for easier maintenance.

TECO Project

CETC was tasked to design and supply a material handling plant upgrade at the TECO Big Bend Station. This project was required due to the decommissioning of the older units at the station and new requirement for coal storage and handling. This new system is scheduled to be online in early 2025.